Among the different companies who applied for the program, 6 local enterprises (3 tech startups and 3 social enterprises) were selected for the Shell LiveWIRE Acceleration program, while 3 community enterprises will be given additional training and mentorship.

Acceleration program

Under this program, the companies get access to mentorship, financial support for their team and product development, and at the same time potentially win funding for their company and work in partnership with Shell Philippines.

Top 3 tech startups

These are the top 3 tech startups selected for the Shell LiveWIRE Acceleration program powered by IGNITE:

A company that developed a device that helps measure air quality so users can find ways to improve it and be alert for possible health risks or threats. 

Produces a bio-based nanomaterial called cellulose nanocrystals made from indigenous plants to help reduce plastic waste in a sustainable way.

A simple and affordable digital banking platform that helps small business owners collect, send, and manage their money.

Social Enterprises

SIBBAP Multipurpose Cooperative
Helps women in their local community generate income by offering their products and services like garment production.

Coco Hub – UNA MPC
Educates coconut and copra farmers on technology and strategies to create high quality products like lampshades using their harvests.

Ecobricks Macalajar Wharf Porters Association
Aims to help porters achieve a sustainable source of livelihood and support different activities like solid waste management and recycling to help their community. 

Community Enterprises

Additionally, Shell LiveWIRE will be supporting the following companies whose products or services promote sustainability in the country and grow livelihood opportunities for Filipinos:

Green Factory/ Oro handmade innovations
A social enterprise engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of handmade paper products. They’re also currently producing 100% Origami Abaca Face Masks, which is considered as an essential product during this pandemic.

MagzWheel furnitures
A small livelihood business that recycles discarded tires found on landfill areas to create objects like furniture, planters, and fashion accessories.

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