Panublix is a tech-style sourcing platform and marketplace that aims to connect Philippine weavers and garment makers with the fashion and design market.


SUSTAINABLE AND COMPOSTABLE HORIZONS INDUSTRY GROUP or SACHI GROUP specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of eco-friendly and highly compostable biodegradable packaging materials, such as the Cassava BioBags and other materials that can be created from but not limited to Cassava Films.


Agro-DigitalPH is building a trust-based digital food value chain. Organization is the ticket to help digitally-disenfranchised farmers and fishers realize that digital levels the playing field.

Coron Natural Farms- CNF

Coron Natural Farms- CNF, is a pioneering practitioner of Regenerative Agriculture for Organic Farming and Sustainable Farm Tourism in Coron of Northern Palawan.


An organized women’s group of Kalipunan Ng Liping Pilipina (KALIPI) – Tagbilaran Chapter. It is the first and only upcycling resource entrepreneurs in the province of Bohol.

KURE works its way to achieving the 3Es (environment, empowerment, and economic development) to improve local women's income.

VORTEx (Variable Off-shore Recyclable Turbine for Exergy)

VORTEx (Variable Off-shore Recyclable Turbine for Exergy) is an initiative started from a concept design competition during this year called the KyronMax Innovation challenge wherein we have been part of the top 14 participants across the world.

Seeds and Scales

Seeds and Scales offers fresh produce such as green leafy vegetables and seafood organically-grown and freshly harvested from their own locally-made Aquaponics Farm.

Solchi Solutions

The story behind the creation of Solchi Solutions was brought as an initiative to create public access to alternative and renewable clean energy.

RMC Oil & Ecosolutions

Founded in October 2017, RMC Oil & Ecosolutions is a DENR-accredited waste transporter.

RMC is one of the leading industrial waste solutions companies in the Philippines that promotes not only the collection of different kinds of used oil as raw materials for renewable and sustainable energy, but also promotes caring for the environment and advocating the circular economy.


San Isidro Multi-Purpose Cooperative was founded year April 1999. It is a multipurpose cooperative that operates various businesses such as consumer store, schools, loans and credit, catering services and event center ready for rental purposes.

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