By supporting a diverse range of groups like social enterprises, small businesses, and organizations for women and youth. Our commitment lies in nurturing entrepreneurial initiatives that serve as catalysts for positive transformation within our communities.​

Shell LiveWIRE accepts community enterprises meeting the following criteria:

  • Sectors:

    Enterprises within the sectors of energy, environment, circular economy, and agriculture.​

  • Innovative Product, Service, and/or Business Model:

    Enterprises with innovative offerings, discouraging the retailer model.​

  • Contribution to Local Prosperity:

    Enterprises that contribute to the local prosperity of a community.​

  • Majority-owned by Filipino:

    Ownership of the enterprise should be majority Filipino.​

  • At Least 1 Full-time Filipino Founder:

    One must be a Filipino national.​

  • Not More Than $100,000 USD External Funding Received

  • Registered Business:

    The enterprise should be a registered business or be capable of registering within three months upon application. Additionally, it must be able to issue an Official Receipt.