Panublix from Iloilo City is a tech-style sourcing platform and marketplace that aims to connect Philippine weavers and garment makers with the fashion and design market.

Agro-DigitalPH from Batangas City is building a trust-based digital food value chain. It helps farmers and fishers build their online presence through cooperatives and associations and be part of the digital market.

SACHI from the province of Bulacan specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of eco-friendly and highly compostable biodegradable packaging materials like the renowned Cassava BioBags. 

FHM (Filipina Home Based Moms)
FHM (Filipina Home Based Moms), which is based in Taguig City, empowers home-based Filipina mothers to pursue their passions through an online platform that provides training, job opportunities, and other support.

AtoANI (, which is based in Bohol, employs a produce-to-demand model of online store where pre-orders from its existing and potential customers dictate the crops that AtoANI grows in its farm and partner farms. All crops are grown through sustainable farming methods.

VORTEx (Variable Off-shore Recyclable Turbine for Exergy)

VORTEx (Variable Off-shore Recyclable Turbine for Exergy) from Ortigas, provides a multi-purpose energy storage device to store energy from both wind and hydro sources, especially for remote areas.

XalMeds from Cebu City is a subscription-based platform that makes maintenance medicines affordable, bringing as much as 90% savings to customers.

MyGolana from Makati City is an online app which delivers innovative and highly effective mental wellness services.


ReMaker from Quezon City is a hands-on learning and prototyping hub that gives designers, entrepreneurs, and citizens a chance to try frugal plastic upcycling machines and techniques.


BRYCE from Batangas is a project committed to convert used oil into cost-efficient biodiesel fuel that would help meet the electricity needs of farmers and remote communities, provide jobs and business opportunities, and while promoting Sustainable and Cleaner Energy Use and Green Technology.

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