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The Bright Ideas Challenge is Shell NXplorers’ culminating event. The virtual competition challenges teams across the Philippines to showcase ideas or projects that address Nexus problems in their community.

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What is Nxplorers

What is NXplorers?

NXplorers is an innovative educational program developed by Shaping Learning for Shell. It introduces young minds to the complex and creative thinking skills for them to become positive agents of change.

NXplorers uses a unique combination of three methodologies:

Integrating these approaches into one programme creates a new way of looking at global complexities, and shows young people how to approach the complex challenges the world faces, now and in the future.

  • Systems thinking

    A framework for seeing the bigger picture rather than isolated fragments

  • Scenario planning

    Asks 'what if' questions to explore alternative views of the future and create plausible stories around them.

  • Theory of change

    A methodology of thinking that imagines how and why a certain change is expected to happen.

why use nxplorers

Why use NXplorers?

Shell wants to address the paradox of declining interest in stem (science, technology, engineering and math) courses among the young by focusing on developing broader skills which ultimately inspires greater awareness on the topic. Through 3-day workshops, trained facilitators worked with student participants and their teachers to find solutions to real world challenges relevant to themselves and their local communities. 

It was very fun and i was surprised to learn a lot of stuff that i could actually use in my personal life and also in school.

Noleen, an incoming Grade 9 student

Aside from it being fun and interactive, we really learned so much that we could apply in our daily lives. At this young age, it’s really good for us to be exposed to these kinds of activities so we’d be able to make a better future.

Noleen, an incoming Grade 9 student-participant

How NXplorer works

How NXplorers Works

There are three stages to the NXplorer programme – Explore, Create and Change – with tools and resources for each.

  • Explore

    • What are the issues?
    • What’s causing the issues?
    • How can we dig deeper into the issues?
  • Create

    • What would happen if nothing changed?
    • What actions could bring about change?
    • What is our preferred future?
  • Change

    • What action can lead to our preferred future?

To find out more, visit the Shell NXplorers website

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