Team Aces

AuREUS-Integrated ParaSolar Generator is a device that functions as both an umbrella and a solar-powered electric generator. The modified umbrella will have a canopy that is made out of plastic, specifically, AuREUS plastic, which is a new invention that refracts the UV Light it comes across with, and turns it into visible light. The solar cells will be connected to a circuit board and battery in the handle of the umbrella, with the wirings passing through the shaft.

Team Shellamat

PROJECT SIMOY is a self-powered utility model that collects, extracts, and converts carbon dioxide from air. The first component extracts carbon dioxide from air as it travels through the battery and stores it in a concentrated version which industries can later use as a renewable energy source. Meanwhile, the second component makes the PROJECT SIMOY self-sustainable by capturing wind from any direction and converting the mechanical energy into electricity to charge the Electro-Swing Battery.

Team Agriserve

Smart AgriHub will be used by farmers of Cauayan City, Isabela, and the Department of Agriculture. The data server will be used to inform and communicate. Not only that, the website will also have many functions that farmers can use as a bridge for the betterment of their farms and the economy. The Smart AgriHub can display the personal profile of farmers, daily prices of produce, farmer’s forums, downloadables forms, agricultural announcements, a social circle, and job opportunities for farmers, tenants, etc.

Team El Terratix

PagSOILbok is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly soil testing machine. The all-in-one machine will measure the following soil composition: power of Hydrogen (pH) level, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Humidity. The machine will be powered by solar energy and will consume at most 15 minutes to gather the needed data. It will be synced to a mobile app that will display the information about the soil gathered from the machine. Also, the app will include analysis and interpretation of the results and will recommend solutions if deemed necessary.

Team Danum

DANUM is a name stemming from the Mangyan literature which implies water. DANUM will be a new leap on revolutionizing conventional wastewater treatment and the traditional crop watering, promoting conservation and restoration of water resources. Additionally, DANUM will be equipped with a slow-drift mechanized water turbine to generate electricity. Not only proposed for wide-scale agricultural application, DANUM will be beneficial as a home-based utility-model for urban-farming.