In an inspiring visual display of its commitment to tackle today’s environmental challenges, Shell switched off all its red bar canopy lights in its retail stations nationwide. Billboard lights and all area lights in its offices, depots all over the country and in the Tabangao refinery were also turned off. Shell’s LPG dealers and Lubricants distributors likewise participated by turning off their signage lights nationwide.

“Management of energy use requires collective action. Earth Hour is one of the unique ways by which each one of us may take part to ensure that our planet lives for this generation, and the many generations to come,” says Roberto Kanapi, Shell Vice President for Communications.

Joining Earth Hour plays an important part in the many ways by which Shell upholds its commitment to work towards a sustainable future. In keeping with Earth Hour 2011’s theme to “go beyond the hour”, about 5,000 Shell staff, business partners and neighbouring communities across various Shell offices, installations and retail stations have pledged to take action and do their share to mitigate the threat of climate change by practicing energy conservation.

As part of the Earth Day celebrations, Shell will lead in various activities to advocate on environmental protection and responsible energy use, such as the Bike for La Mesa Forest, an activity featuring a bike ride along the La Mesa Forest trail for the benefit of the La Mesa Watershed, the primary water source of Metro Manila; Ride for Light, a 6600-kilometre motorcycle adventure ride across the Philippines providing solar lamps to indigenous communities as an alternative energy solution; Green Lighting of the Manila City Hall, jointly with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) Energy Efficiency Committee and Philips to replace the lighting system of Manila City Hall with energy efficient lights; and the Unveiling of the Shell marker at Paco Estero to commemorate Shell’s support for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River.

“Shell recognizes that the debate on climate change is over. It is time to tackle the challenges of a new energy future. To this end, we are managing our CO2 emissions in our own operations and helping others to do the same,” Kanapi adds.

To mitigate the threat of climate change, Shell is supplying more energy and in a way that recognises the need to reduce CO2 emissions. Our response focuses on four areas – supplying more natural gas, providing biofuels, developing technologies to capture carbon and store it safely underground, and improving the energy efficiency of our operations.

Advanced technology, new ways of operating and partnerships are helping to manage our environmental impact as we contribute to meeting the world’s growing energy needs.