[Makati City, Philippines] – Today, Shell Lubricants announces the launch of its new, improved range of industrial and transmission lubricants and greases. The result of a three-year process, the redesigned range has been restructured and refreshed to help every Shell Lubricants customer select the right level of protection for their equipment with ease and confidence.

Bryan Nazareno, Sales Manager of Shell Lubricants explains: “A research on how our customers choose and use lubricants revealed that they often find the array of products confusing and complex. While recognising the importance of correct lubricant choice and application, they also welcomed changes that would make the process simpler. With this in mind, we have redesigned the Shell Lubricants range, removing products with overlapping applications or whose technology had been replaced by more advanced formulas, - while improving choice by selectively adding speciality and synthetic products.”

The new range is accompanied by ‘old to new’ conversion tools making the transition easy for customers. It features new pack labels and product guides to aid choice, using new names, colour coding and visual icons to indicate individual performance benefits. These changes are designed to reduce the risk of misapplication in the factory environment. The revamp also presented an opportunity to standardise packaging across the entire range in a way that makes storage and stacking easier.

The global rollout of the new range provides consistency and increased security of supply. With many operations under pressure to maximise efficiency and increase output, the launch of the new portfolio provides an ideal opportunity for customers to re-evaluate their lubricant needs.

The new range is based around key tiers, each offering increasingly efficient levels of protection, including Entry, Mainline, Premium and, often using the latest synthetic technology, Advanced. Each set of products is structured around these tiers, including Shell Tellus (hydraulic oils), Shell Omala (gear oils), Shell Corena (compressor oils), Shell Gadus (a complete range of greases), Shell Tonna (slideway oils), Shell Advance (motorcycle oils) and Shell Helix (passenger car motor oils).

For further information on the new Shell Lubricants industrial and transmission range, you may visit Shell Lubricants or contact Shell Customer Service at + 632 8788888.

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