Behind these numbers are stories of triumphs, empowerment and the will to succeed of people touched, helped and energized by Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.’s years of working with communities around the country.

On August 19, 2012, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) completed three decades of selfless dedication in pursuing sustainable development programs that help millions of lives go further.

“From its modest beginnings in 1982, PSFI has grown to become a significant contributor to our country’s national development through innovative programs that help lead million of lives to productivity,” said PSFI founder and first Country Chairman of Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) Cesar Buenaventura. He lauded the foundation’s success in gaining international recognition as the private sector pioneer in implementing the nationwide programme Movement Against Malaria (MAM). “PSFI has touched over 6 million lives in 30 years and is proud of its contribution to nation building as our countrymen strive for a better life,” he said in praise of PSFI’s numerous achievements over the years.

PSFI Executive Director Edgar Veron Cruz beamed with pride as he shared the Global Fund’s substantial grant to the MAM programme which covers 40 provinces and nine cities all over the Philippines. “We are glad that the Global Fund supported us to fight malaria disease in the country. The grant enabled us to procure treated mosquito nets and residual insecticides, in addition to the aggressive campaigns that we conduct to fight malaria,” said Veron Cruz.

Sharing his insights on PSFI’s 30 years of fruitful operations, SciP Country Chairman Edgar Chua narrated the foundation’s achievements and its success formula to be among the respected foundations in the country today. “PSFI does real and sincere work in making a significant contribution to nation-building,” said Chua. He lauded the achievements of PSFI in implementing innovative programmes that have been empowering people and communities to be more productive and strongly support the government’s national development goals. Chua highlighted the values formation component that PSFI incorporated in all of its programmes.

“Our foundation not only gives its beneficiaries tools, but also teaches them the right values. I have always been proud of that. Values formation is the key element in the success of PSFI in helping beneficiaries improve their lives. I would like to congratulate PSFI for its 30 glory years of successful operations which touched over 6 million lives,” Chua said.