“We are exceptionally happy to enter into this agreement where we can provide the technical know-how to aspiring maritime students and professionals and help prepare them for the challenges in their future careers,” says Shell Companies in the Philippines Country Chairman Edgar O. Chua. “Shell will continue to explore relationships such as these that will benefit our students, the community and our stakeholders, in general.”

Under the agreement, professionals from Shell Marine Products shall provide their expertise in lubrication technology to the students and lecturers of the University of Cebu Maritime School. A technical team from Shell Marine Products shall provide training and knowledge modules through workshops and seminars at the University of Cebu Maritime School.

“Shell’s experience and knowledge in lubrication technology bolstered by years of research and various global technical partnerships assures us that our students and lecturers will be getting the most up to date and comprehensive information,” says Atty. Augusto W. Go, President of the University of Cebu Maritime School.

“We recognize the potential of Filipinos to be one of the world’s best maritime professionals, and we feel we could play a part in their future careers by sharing the knowledge we have acquired from over 100 years in the marine industry,” added SMP General Manager, Surinderdeep Singh.

In the meantime, University of Cebu Maritime School will use Shell Marine Products’ materials and products during marine products lectures and the Shell Marine Products Technical Seminar. This will also allow the University of Cebu Maritime School to input knowledge and information related to Shell Marine Products during lectures and seminars.

About Shell

Shell is a global leader in power, energy, and gas technology and is working to meet increasing energy demand and supply challenges by delivering smarter products and cleaner energy, smarter infrastructure, smarter use, and by developing new energy sources while addressing the impact on the environment, through cleaner burning natural gas and advanced fuels and lubricants technology. At our operations, safety is our top priority. Our goal is to have zero fatalities and no incidents that cause harm to our people and neighbours and put our facilities at risk. We aim to address social concerns and work to benefit local communities, protecting our reputation as we do business.

In the Philippines, Shell represents various companies operating in oil and gas exploration, extraction, refining and delivery of smarter products for clean and fuel efficient transport in the country. Shell’s energy portfolio in the Philippines include the Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project which represents roughly 40-45% of Luzon’s power generation requirements, providing the country a considerably long-term revenue stream to the government, in addition to considerable foreign exchange savings. Being at the forefront of energy and fuel efficiency, Shell advocates for the use of energy more efficiently as the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change through driver education, fuel efficient driving behaviour, and smarter mobility collaboration and strategic partnerships to fuel the country’s progress. As Shell aims to meet the world’s future energy needs with a diversified energy mix and cleaner energy, we enjoin consumers and businesses to use energy better, to do more with less, and make energy conservation a way of life.

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Editors Notes:

1. Shell Marine Products is donating one (1) set of “Rapid Lubrication Analysis (RLA) Onboard Plus Test Kit” to University of Cebu Maritime School as part of the MoU. The refill kit for the RLA shall be provided each year onwards.

2. Shell Marine Products and Services

a. Shell Marine Products provides customers with a wide range of lubricants and greases to suit almost every piece of equipment on a ship, including turbine oils, hydraulic system lubes, greases, gear system lubes, refrigeration compressor lubes, bearing & circulation lubes, axle and gear fluids, air compressor lubes, engine oils and stern tube oils.

3. Partnerships

a. Shell Marine Products has a long established relationship with MAN and Wärtsilä, world leading marine engine manufacturing companies. This collaboration helps us gain industry insight and develop products that deliver high performance, lower costs and meet fuel, environmental and economic challenges.

b. We also engage in field trials alongside customers, engine manufacturers, additives suppliers and key academic institutions to discover ways of improving engine efficiency and reducing lubricant feed rates.

c. We collaborate with Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), supporting the development of high-calibre marine professionals in China via technical training. We also supply lubricants to the university’s marine engine room laboratory.

d. We maintain academic research partnerships with Korea Maritime University and universities in Japan, Philippines, Singapore and India.

4. Research and development

a. Shell operates world-class R&D centres and cutting edge laboratories focusing on lubricant technology in the US, Germany, UK and Japan (35% Shell owned). Shell’s first Lubricants Technical Service Centre opened in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province in 2011.

b. Shell Marine Products operates a unique range of marine engine testing facilities in its research laboratories. Engines installed at the Shell Marine & Power Innovation Centre (MPIC) in Hamburg are used to simulate harsh running conditions, enabling us to put our products through the most rigorous of tests. For instance, a typical test sequence on the new Shell Alexia S4 lubricant comprised 4,000 hours of trials, with inspections and analysis at 2000-hour intervals, in addition to lubricant and fuel sampling every 250 or 500 hours.

c. Shell Marine Products is the first organisation to define oil stress in two-stroke engines. The scientific understanding of oil stress was found to differ between four- and two-stroke engines. We are harnessing this knowledge along with detailed industry insights to develop new products such as Alexia S4 that match the right performance with current and future needs.

d. Shell’s research shows that fuel economy can be improved by up to two per cent by using the most suitable quality lubricant for an engine. Further savings can be achieved when the lubricants provider and the equipment manufacturer work together to develop bespoke products for a specific vehicle.


Toby Nebrida

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