Shell Eco-marathon Asia is one of the 138 entries that emerged as winners from a record-breaking pool of 396 entries submitted by top corporations, organizations, institutions and government agencies.

Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) has been supporting Shell Eco-marathon Asia, the competition that exemplifies Shell’s global campaign for “Smarter Mobility”. Shell’s “Smarter Mobility” campaign aims to promote innovative ways to move people and goods safely, cost-effectively and with reduced environmental impact using Shell products.

Shell Eco-marathon is the result of Shell’s search for smart ideas to conserve energy. Started in Asia in 2010, the annual competition challenges engineering students across the region to design, build and test energy-efficient vehicles that run great distances with the least energy consumption. Shell Eco-marathon has been ongoing in Europe and the Americas since 1985 and 2007 respectively.

“Receiving this Anvil is truly an honor,” said SciP NGO and Stakeholder Relations Manager Ronald “Suiee” Suarez on receiving the Anvil trophy. “The Anvil Awards continues to motivate us to work harder in promoting the message of sustainable mobility to our country’s youth, so that they will continue tackling the future’s energy challenges with innovative solutions.”

SciP’s intensified campaign for “Smarter Mobility” has successfully generated awareness and sustained interest for Shell Eco-marathon among more students and supporters that led the Philippines to win the bid to host the competition in 2014.

Other Shell programs that won an Anvil Award of Merit include Shell Pepeng Pasada Club, Shell Young Eco Savers program, Movement Against Malaria and Shell FuelSave Day – Guinness World Record for Largest Fuel Efficiency Lesson.

Dubbed as the “Oscars” of Public Relations in the Philippines, the PRSP annually confers the Anvil Awards to outstanding public relations programs and tools that reflect and promote public interest, good values and genuine service to the community and society.

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