Recognizing that the tricycle is a major transportation mode in Subic, and that tricycle drivers generally lack formal education on road safety, KALSADA’s road safety workshops were particularly geared for tricycle drivers—training them on defensive driving and teaching safer driving behaviors and practices.

The series of trainings started last July at Barangay Wawandue, Subic Town with Safe-T-Ryders as trainer and resource. Safe-T-Ryders Motorcycle Training Center shares KALSADA’s commitment in promoting a safety-oriented mindset by providing basic and enrichment riding courses that teach drivers to be safer road users.

The program also acknowledged the importance of having competent traffic enforcers at the area, and kicked-off the series of training with a capacity-building course for the Subic traffic enforcers. The program provided traffic enforcers refresher courses on traffic rules, regulations and traffic direction and control, and equipped them with sets of rain boots, raincoats, gloves and reflectorised vests so they can better enforce their duties.

On October 2013, 410 tricycle drivers have completed KALSADA’s trainings and 32 traffic enforcers who are members of Traffic Management Bureau also completed their training in Traffic Direction and Control.

“KALSADA has equipped us with the knowledge to effectively implement traffic direction and control”  said Estrella Cabais, Supervisor from the Traffic Management Bureau (TMB) of Subic Town. TMB credits the KALSADA project for the significant decrease in road accidents along Subic roads. Only 21 road accidents were recorded in October, a significant drop from  over a hundred previously recorded before the programme was implemented.

Malampaya conducts the KALSADA workshops in partnership with the Land Transportation Office-Law Enforcement Traffic Adjudication System - Olongapo and the Provincial Highway Patrol Group - Zambales. MFI plans to build more partnerships with various groups, agencies, and organisations to help spread a stronger message that will promote the importance of road safety to more people.

The Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project is operated by Shell Philippines Exploration, B.V. on behalf of Joint Venture Partners Chevron Malampaya LLC and Philippine National Oil Company – Exploration Corporation (PNOC-EC). The Project is one of the most significant industrial and technological endeavours in Philippine history that heralded the birth of the natural gas industry in the country.

The Malampaya Gas Project is now embarking on its next stages of development, the Malampaya Phases 2 and 3 (MP 2 and 3). MP2 involves the installation of two new subsea wells that, together with MP3’s additional gas platform that employs innovative deepwater technology, will safely and efficiently sustain the level of gas production from the Malampaya deepwater reservoir. More than providing 30% of the Philippines’ energy requirements, Malampaya ensures sustainable growth and development along its zones of impact by implementing social performance programs that address the needs of the community.