“The solar lamps are great help in transforming lives in off-grid villages, enabling households to save on expensive kerosene and batteries, earn more income from longer hours of productivity, motivate their children to study longer, and create a safe and healthy home environment for the whole family,” said Shell Social Investment Manager Jackie Ampil.

Solar Village Award

In the 2012 Run for Light Marathon organised by Stiftung Solarenergie Solar Energy Foundation, Shell sent the largest contingents, consequently earning the first ever Solar Village Award for its support in the initiative.  In recognition of Shell’s support, 30 SunTransfer 1 solar lanterns were awarded to Shell.

Empowering the lives of Palaweños

In April 2013, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) distributed the solar lanterns to indigenous communities in Southern Palawan. By providing energy access to off-grid sites in Southern Palawan, Tribal Education and Livelihood Program (TELP) para-teachers and Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) Technicians from Kadulan and Candawag in Rizal, Palawan were the first recipients. The ST1 solar lanterns are durable and shock-proof and could also be used as mobile phone chargers.

“The ST1 Solar Lanterns will enable health volunteers and para-teachers serving the far-flung locations of indigenous communities in Southern Palawan to enhance the delivery of their services by providing light to prepare their lesson plans or perform malaria diagnosis even at night,” said Edgar Veron Cruz, PSFI Executive Director.  “We hope that these lamps will enable our fellow Palaweños, particularly the IPs to become more productive and committed to our goal of providing them knowledge and livelihood opportunities.”

To maximise its use, a demonstration on how to use the ST1 Solar Lanterns was conducted by a representative from the Solar Energy Foundation to the selected beneficiaries. “Mapapagaan ang buhay namin dahil sa ilaw na ‘to, kasi wala kaming ilaw kapag gabi. Makakatipid din kami dahil hindi na naming kailangan magbayad para pag-charge ng cell phone.” This lantern will make our lives easier, especially at night because we don’t have electricity supply. We’ll also have savings as we don’t have to pay for mobile charging because of its mobile charging feature),” said Lita Pascasio, Malaria RDT from Candawag, Rizal – one of the recipients of ST1 Solar Lantern.

The solar lamps will aid in transforming lives of communities in off-grid villages – giving them savings from using batteries and kerosene while providing a safe and healthy home for the beneficiaries.  ###