For eight years now, the event has been Shell's avenue to engage its stakeholders, both internal and external, in its numerous personal and process safety practices and campaigns.

This year, staff and employees of Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) took centerstage in participating in the Safety Day 2014 Photo Contest. Good safety practices, as well as personal and collective commitment to safety were creatively expressed through photo submissions.

Externally, Shell is stepping up the safety and security of its retail stations through stronger partnerships with government agencies. The Association of Pilipinas Shell Dealers Inc. (APSDI) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine National Police in efforts to maintain peace and order at Shell dealerships and surrounding areas, as well as strengthen cooperation between Shell dealers and local police in law enforcement and active community support.

More than achieving record number of days with zero reported incidents or other quantitative measures, "looking at safety in this manner makes it just one of those things in life and in work that we are doing - it’s not so important because it’s personal. So whatever we do, we need to personalize safety," stated SciP Country Chairman Edgar Chua.