In the partnership signing ceremony held recently at Mazda Makati, Pilipinas Shell General Manager for Retail Anthony Lawrence Yam thanked Mazda Philippines for the continued trust and for naming Shell as Mazda’s fuel of choice.

“This is a great partnership because both Pilipinas Shell and Mazda have that strong commitment to make the customers’ journeys better everyday. We are two companies that, despite the heritage, continue to evolve in terms of technology and innovation. We are among the most modern in science that you can find in the market today,” Yam said.

Mazda Philippines President and CEO, Steven Tan, for his part, said that while Pilipinas Shell is the fuel of choice of Mazda Philippines, it is also his preferred fuel for his car.

“When people ask me on what fuel I use for my car, without hesitation, I always say Shell. I've been a Shell user for a long time personally. When you go into the Mazda service shop, it's also Shell. We trust in Shell and that is an important part of our partnership. Because we trust the quality of the fuel they use, quality of the oil that they use,” Tan said.

Yam adds that not all fuels are created equal and the quality of fuel that you use makes a huge difference in the performance of your car.

“All Shell quality fuels are developed by Shell’s amazing team of scientists around the world, creating fuels that are meant to provide customers with the best-ever performance and efficiency for their cars,” Yam adds.

Under the Pilipinas Shell- Mazda Philippines partnership, all Mazda car buyers will be given a Shell Welcome Kit which contains Shell Fuel Vouchers for an efficient head start when they roll out their cars.

Mazda car buyers will also receive Shell Select and Deli2Go vouchers and a Shell Motorist Guide Book containing helpful tips for effective car maintenance and efficient travels.

By providing quality fuel products and services to motorists around the world, Shell gained its foothold as a global leader in power and energy that pioneers next generation technology in developing new energy sources for a reliable energy mix, producing smarter products and promoting its smarter use. Shell continuously builds smarter infrastructure, providing energy efficient engineering solutions that ultimately promote clean and efficient transport, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and a new energy feature to address the energy challenge.