Environmental sustainability and waste reduction have been among Shell’s advocacies in creating a cleaner and greener future. Shell strives to help reduce and reuse waste while empowering customers and communities to contribute to social causes through its thousands of retail stations worldwide.

The Philippines is the third largest contributor of ocean plastic in the world. Knowing this, Shell has been working closely with global organization The Plastic Bank to address the problem and change this alarming fact. To date, two local projects have been launched under the partnership: The Shell Select Eco Tumblers and the all-new Shell Saltwater Supercars.

Each purchase of the Shell Saltwater Supercars allows customers to join the movement, with Php 2.00 out of each transaction being donated to The Plastic Bank in the Philippines. The proceeds will enable The Plastic Bank PH to empower communities at the bottom of the plastic recycling pyramid transition from subsistence to enterprise, from the margins to the center, and from the grassroots to the platforms.

Gearing towards the use of more sustainable materials, the racetracks that can be bought along with the Shell Saltwater Supercars are made from Bagasse which contains no additives or chemicals. Bagasse is a 100% biodegradable organic material that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract its juice.

About The Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. With a mission to minimize ocean plastic and improve lives at the same time, the organization hopes to help alleviate poverty by turning waste into currency.

Founders David Katz and Shaun Frankson are globally renowned for incentivizing local waste collection by allowing collectors to trade gathered ocean-bound plastic for money, items, or services. This allows them to turn the tide on waste by supporting collectors and helping improve their lives.

“Plastic Bank aims to provide large-scale sustainable premiums in every recycling community around the world,” said Lindsay Christianson, Plastic Bank Business Development Coordinator. “This is how we stop ocean plastic.”

Once traded in, the plastic collected is taken to recycling centers and sold at a premium to corporate clients for manufacturing. The purchase and use of recycled plastic help contribute to The Plastic Bank’s programs which include educating waste recyclers on proper hygiene and handling of plastic.

Earlier this year, Shell also allowed their customers to pursue a greener and more sustainable lifestyle through the Shell Select Eco Tumblers. Crafted from recycled plastics, the Eco Tumbler helps in keeping as much as two kilograms of plastic waste from ending up in the ocean.

Plastic Bank founder David Katz believes that all of us can be the solution to the problem and not the contributor. The Shell Saltwater Supercars will not only delight customers of all ages but also support proper plastic waste management for a better tomorrow.

Join the race against poverty and pollution. Visit Shell today and collect the Shell Saltwater Supercars  available in four sleek models: Shadow (Black), Lightning (White), Fireball (Red), and Sunchaser (Yellow) until December 31, 2018.