Saltwater Supercars

Founded in 2013, the Plastic Bank is a global organization on a mission to stop ocean plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives.

In 2016, their revolutionary approach of incentivizing local waste collectors by paying a premium on plastic waste was introduced to the Philippines through the expansion of the Plastic Bank into the country. Since then, Pilipinas Shell has been a staunch supporter of the Plastic Bank’s advocacy through two projects launched to the public: the Shell Saltwater Supercars and the Shell Select Eco Tumblers.

Through donations raised through the Saltwater Supercars promotion, Pilipinas Shell hopes to enable Plastic Bank PH to expand to more communities around the country and replicate its innovative solution in reducing ocean plastic.

In addition to the Shell Saltwater Supercars, the Shell Select Eco Tumblers allow users to lead a greener and more sustainable lifestyle as they are crafted from recycled plastics and help to keep as much as two kilograms of plastic waste from ending up in the ocean.

To learn more about the Plastic Bank, visit the website at: