The energy leader aims to leverage its strong bitumen business, expertise in low-carbon fuels and cleaner energy solutions to help these companies solve their unique decarbonization challenges.

“These collaborations are in line with our aim of putting sustainability at the heart of our strategy which is powering progress for the nation,” said Lorelie Quiambao-Osial, Country Chair of Shell companies in the Philippines.

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Undersecretary for Information Management and Technical Services Maximo Carvajal welcomed the collaboration which he says will ultimately help the country “achieve our common goals of providing quality, safe, and environment-friendly public infrastructure facilities that will improve the lives of every Filipino.”

Strategic collaborations

Three Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) formalized the collaboration between Pilipinas Shell – Construction and Road and its partners.

Allan Canedo, Pilipinas Shell Construction and Road Country Business Manager, says they intend to support their partners on their sustainability journeys by working with them on developing fit-for-purpose solutions and providing integrated offers across the supply chain, which will contribute to reducing emissions.

Pilipinas Shell provides Bitumen solutions that help reduce a company’s business impact on the environment during projects; lubricant solutions that help reduce emission, enhance productivity and save money; fuel solutions that enable higher equipment utilization and site productivity; equipment management solutions that make it easier to manage productivity, improve carbon footprint and reduce operating costs; and a carbon compensation program that enables companies to balance unavoidable emissions through nature-based projects.

Bitumen and beyond

The energy company also launched Bitumen and Beyond, its initiative to provide solutions not just for bitumen needs, but also for low-carbon fuels, and energy transition products and services.

Sriram Musunuri, General Manager for Shell Construction and Road Asia, says the macro approach of understanding the industry’s value chain and determining where Pilipinas Shell can provide solutions will benefit the company’s existing customers and partners, as well as potential ones from the construction industry.

Recognizing valuable contributions

Musunuri led Pilipinas Shell Construction and Road officials in holding the Bitumen and Beyond Partner Awards to recognize the significant role that Shell’s Bitumen partner contractors, resellers, and logistics providers have played and the ways they contributed to the business over the years.

The recognition “Establishing New Markets through Collaboration and Innovation” was given to One Premium Power Corporation, Newington Builders, Inc., and Philtough Cargo Care, Inc., for their alliance that enabled Pilipinas Shell Construction and Road to be the only provider of Bitumen FreshAir in Palawan. The Enabling Exponential Growth in the Use of Instapave in North Luzon” recognition went to Roadex Construction Corporation for its completion of iconic projects using Instapave technology, and which remain repair-free.


Global cement producer CEMEX delivers net-zero CO2 emissions by producing eco-friendly products like low-carbon concrete, and shifting to renewables (solar, heat-to-energy, alternative fuels) to power its operations,. The use of hi-tech heat recovery technology provides clean energy to the cement production process and lessens the dependence on fossil fuels in the process.


ROADEX’s sustainability journey with Pilipinas Shell – Construction and Road began in 2007 in its onboarding of slurry technology, a cold mix that reduces greenhouse gas emissions based on the low electricity use of the heat pump. Its increasing fleet of macropavers has been applying slurry in a series of successful Shell projects.


Circular economy and innovation group GREEN ANTZ’s sustainability efforts develop and deploy disruptive solutions for waste reduction. Previously unrecyclable waste products are upcycled or transformed into various types of useful materials for construction, infrastructure, and agricultural solutions.