Led by Timothy Joseph “TJ” Alberto, who is poised for a hat trick, alongside Lawrence Macalinao, the team is building upon the seamless blend of technologies that resulted in their top spot sweeps in the Pro and Expert categories during the third round of the PSBK 2023 series.

Shell Advance and Ducati have a long history of collaboration, with over 150 race wins combined in premier global motorcycle championships MotoGP and World Superbike1. This partnership brings together decades of experience and innovation and has led to the development of high-performance oil formulations, including the technologically advanced Shell Advance Ultra 15w502. This oil meets the high-performance requirements of Ducati motorcycles, and is essential for ensuring longevity, horsepower, and the ability to withstand the elements in the challenging climate of the Philippines, where temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

“This iconic global partnership has run for over 20 years now, and we are ecstatic to see it fully materialized here in the Philippines through the Ducati Access Plus Racing team. We are in full support of their quest for three-peat victory this year,” said Chi Malabanan, Shell Advance Brand Manager.

Shell Advance fully synthetic range is the only oil being used and recommended by Ducati for its ultimate performance and protection. With its patented Pureplus Technology, the product’s proven and tested technical claims ensure that Ducati motorbikes on the track are protected against extreme temperature up to 175-degree Celsius, additional horsepower at 355.9km/h and more fuel-efficient for longer at 17,000 RPM.

Both Shell Advance and Ducati prioritize excellence and ultimate performance. Shell Advance oils are specifically formulated to enhance engine performance and reliability, meeting the highest industry standards. Ducati on the other hand always ensures the bikes that go out of their factory deliver exceptional agility, power, and durability, staying at the forefront of cutting-edge motorcycle technology.

“Ducati Philippines is driven by a profound commitment to nurture Philippine motorsports from its very roots,” said Toti Alberto, President and CEO of Ducati Philippines. “Through dedicated grassroots programs, we aim to empower and educate young riders, imparting the vast racing knowledge we've gathered from our global exploits. Filipino motorsports fans can look forward to a more exciting competition in the PSBK and with the support of Shell, expect to see more up and coming young racing talents and more red bikes on the podium.”

As the championship event progresses through its 12-round series, all eyes are on Access Plus Racing as they aim for another victory. The combination of skill, precision engineering, and high-performance formulation with Shell-powered and Ducati-driven bikes places Access Plus Racing in a promising position to make PSBK history.

“I'm so excited to be racing for Access Plus this season especially with the support of Shell and Ducati. These are two of the most successful brands in motorsport, and their partnership is a dream come true for any racer. Every component counts to achieve maximum performance and results, including motor oil. Our team is eager and optimistic as we strive to improve our overall stats throughout this season," said TJ Alberto.

Echoing Alberto's sentiments, Lawrence Macalinao is in high spirits and eagerly anticipates a much-improved performance as he strives to clinch victory in the Expert Class title. He emphasized that the shared passion for high-performance racing between Shell Advance and Ducati Philippines gives him "the confidence of having a strong support group and ensures that my machinery always performs at its best."

Shell Advance looks forward to powering the next generation of racing enthusiasts and the partnership with Ducati Access Plus Racing Team is a solid step towards this vision.