Shell Fleet Solutions recently partnered with Flash Express, one of the fastest-growing delivery service providers in the Philippines and in the region, as it takes a step towards decarbonizing its extensive, nationwide operations by joining Shell’s Accelerate to Zero initiative.

Flash Express has decided to gather data on the carbon footprint of its collective operations through Shell Fleet Solutions Application Programming Interfaces (API) and to move decisively towards lowering its fleet’s total emissions.

According to Ken Research estimates, the logistics market in the Philippines is projected to expand to approximately PHP ~1160 Bn by 2027, driven by increasing budget allocations and a rising demand for food, beverages, and manufacturing products in the country, as well as infrastructural developments and technological advancements. The environmental impact of this growth has yet to be considered or measured on a large scale.

While the predominant vehicle of choice for the delivery services side of logistics is motorcycles, and these have a relatively small carbon footprint, the fact remains that many of the trips motorbike delivery operators make in a day are inefficient. Motorcycles delivering 1-3 meals, over 5-kilometer (km) distances, or small packages or even envelopes across the city, often over distances greater than 10 km, are not unusual.

Through Shell Fleet Solutions’ Accelerate to Zero initiative, Flash Express will be able to take a close look at their data, get actionable insights into how to move towards eventual decarbonization and be provided with a suite of solutions for their transport units.

“What happens next will be hopefully the utilization of other offers under the umbrella of our Accelerate to Zero program. We already have the carbon offset program, and telematics system is underway. So hopefully all these will help accelerate Flash Express in reaching its goals to fully decarbonize,” said Christopher Alli, Country Business Manager for Shell Fleet Solutions. “It is precisely for operators of fleets of vehicles, from motorcycles to vans to trucks, that feel it is the right time to adopt more sustainable practices, that Shell Fleet Solutions’ Accelerate to Zero program was created.“

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