Effective fleet management requires access to fresh and granular data. Collecting, harnessing, and deriving insights from these data is a complex and time-consuming process, which can, at times, feel overwhelming for businesses. This collaboration between Shell and Cartrack will make it easier for businesses to identify issues quickly and effectively, and to use Shell Fleet Insights to optimise their fleet’s management. Shell Fleet Insights is a unique integrated package that combines Shell Card transaction data with Cartrack’s vehicle data. Through tight integration between Shell and Cartrack, it offers connected insights and enables businesses to make informed decision-making across your operations.

The collaboration between the two companies offers businesses numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Leverage custom insights on their fleet’s performance and efficiency, enabling them to take faster and more effective business decisions
  2. Access a cost-effective, one-stop-shop integrated platform that combines vehicle and fuel card analytics in an easy-to-use interface;
  3. Optimize the fleet’s running costs and identify opportunities to accelerate the path to decarbonization;
  4. Provide assistance to detect and prevent fuel fraud while ensuring full legal and HR compliance; and gain greater insights into drivers’ behaviour, highlighting potential risks that can be addressed to help keep drivers safer.

Chris Alli, Head of Shell Fleet Solutions for the Philippines, said, “We are committed to providing our customers with everything they need to keep fleet management as simple and smart as possible, so that they can focus on the things that matter the most to them, running their business. We know how important insights are to help fleet decision-makers uncover relevant and actionable insights that can inform their business decisions. That is why we’re delighted to be joining forces with Cartrack, to provide our customers an even more seamless and advanced data analytics system that supports their fleet management goals – whether that’s driving their decarbonization strategy or identifying operational opportunities.”

Shell Fleet Solutions is a global leader in mobility solutions and a trusted fleet card partner in the Philippines for 24 years now. It offers a range of mobility solutions for professional fleets of all sizes, from light commercial vehicles to heavy duty transport. Its Accelerate to Zero program brings together a full range of services and products in a tailored program to meet business fleet’s specific decarbonization needs. This latest collaboration will feed into the program, making it easier to bring together advanced data-gathering, analytics, and benchmarking tools to help fleet decision-makers uncover relevant and actionable insights that can inform their decarbonization strategy.

Emphasizing the significance of the partnership, Rogerio Calisto, Asia Regional Manager for Cartrack, stated, “Based on our extensive experience globally and across various industries, we have recognized the value of a unified solution for businesses to effectively optimize their operations. Through our strategic partnership with Shell, we are proud to offer a solution for streamlined fuel and fleet management within a singular platform for companies operating in the Philippines. Together with Shell, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with invaluable insights, helping them to navigate their responsibilities with confidence and clarity. Our goal is to use the latest technology to help businesses be more innovative, meet their business goals, and run more efficiently. Together we are driving customers further into the future with automation that quickly makes essential benefits to businesses."

Cartrack is a leading global provider of vehicle telematics with close to 2M active subscribers across 23 countries. Together the two companies have combined their expertise to help businesses achieve their specific business objective while optimizing their cost base and reducing their fleet’s overall emissions.

For more information on Shell Fleet Solutions: https://www.shell.com.ph/business-customers/shell-fleet-card.html. For more information on Cartrack: https://www.cartrack.com.ph/

About Shell

The Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) represent various companies operating in energy, importation, distribution, marketing and processing services related to finance, human resources, procurement and customer service. SciP is part of Shell PLC, a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over of 80,000 employees and operating in more than 70 countries and territories. This year, SciP is celebrating its 110 years of presence in the Philippines, and remains committed to delivering smarter products and providing cleaner energy in a responsible manner for the present and future generations.

About Cartrack

Cartrack, headquartered in Singapore, assists thousands of enterprise customers to digitally transform their on-the-ground operations. Cartrack (wholly owned by Karooooo) is a leading global provider of an on-the-ground operational IoT SaaS cloud that maximizes the value of transportation, operations and workflow data by providing insightful real-time data analytics, with over 2,000,000 connected vehicles and equipment to-date.

The Cartrack SaaS platform provides customers with differentiated insights and data analytics to optimize their business operations and workforce, increase efficiency, decrease costs, improve safety, monitor environmental impact, assist with regulatory compliance and manage risk. For more information, visit www.cartrack.com.ph.

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