“I’m happy to represent a brand that is about quality, service, and reaching as many Filipinos as possible,” Piolo said. “Those are values that are important to me. And as someone who is on the road a lot, I can say for sure that Shell products and services are really worth it.”

Piolo’s down-to-earth nature makes it easy for people to relate to him. He is a car owner, a motorcycle driver, a hard worker, an active person, a traveler, and someone who looks for quality and security.

Piolo fuels up at, gets his vehicles cared for at, gets refreshed with snacks and drinks at, and gets rewarded at a range of 1,100+ Shell stations across the Philippines. Through his consistently positive experiences with the company, Piolo knows and appreciates the mobility that Shell is able to provide Filipinos.

As Pilipinas Shell Vice President and General Manager for Mobility Randy del Valle said, “Piolo is living proof of Shell’s commitment to our customers.”

Pilipinas Shell keeps innovating and finding ways to better serve people, as the company wants everyone to only experience the best at every station. And Piolo looks forward to the future with Shell, sure that they’ll be there for him all the way.

“My partnership with Shell is something I’m completely sure of. And I hope that more people can see all the reasons why, in the months ahead!”