Shell believes in driving women forward in the world, showing stories of women that overcome the prejudices and challenges they face. In illuminating her strength, resilience and tenacity, she further inspires others.


In 2019, Shell embarked on the road against stereotypes.

The Babae Kasi film – the banner film of Women! Drive the Future campaign - showcased the biases people have against women drivers. “Babae Kasi” or “Because she’s a woman” is a typical phrase heard on the road, usually when drivers see poor skill. Yet Shell takes this derogatory phrase and turns it on its head, showing that she is a conscientious, qualified, and skilled driver, not despite, but “because she’s a woman.” It’s an empowering tale of women doing their best for themselves, for each other, and for others, on the road.


The road is not the only place Shell can help drive a woman forward. Knowing just how strong, intelligent and powerful women can be, it shouldn’t surprise people to see them succeed in whatever they choose to do. From sports, to careers, to driving, Shell simply believes she can do it. And others should too.  


Telling their stories and educating people is only the first step though. Shell understands the importance of taking a holistic approach to empowering women.

One powerful effort of Shell is the Shell Women’s Network – a space for Shell to empower women in leadership, championing diversity and inclusion.

Even every woman’s daily routine isn’t forgotten. With well-maintained facilities all over the country, clean bathrooms and courteous staff ready to help in their every need, Shell is doing everything it can to make her every day journey, better.

Shell wants to engage the Filipino people in various ways and through different platforms with a single goal: To help every woman live in a world where they can reach their full potential.

Because at the end of the day, Shell believes that this world can only reach its full potential when true gender equality is achieived.

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