We only have one planet. Shell balances harnessing it for energy and caring for it by ensuring that our retail stations are equipped to save energy and reduce waste. Sustainability has become key as the company expands, updates, and upgrades the retail network. By pursuing smarter energy solutions, we hope to fulfil Shell retail’s global sustainability and social purpose ambition to reduce our overall carbon footprint significantly by 2025.

Solar power

Solar panels are standard features of Shell’s green retail sites. To date, the Philippine network includes 33 solar-powered stations. This shift to renewable energy has resulted in less power sourced from the grid. Considering that retail stations tend to be located in heavily populated areas, this also eases the power demands of the communities. We aim to have even more of our retail sites using solar panels in the near future.

LED lighting

Since 2011, the company has been using more efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting for under-canopy lights at the retail stations; recently, this has expanded to include all in-store lights – even the lights used by the chillers.

Inverter technologies

Shell uses inverter technology for air-conditioning, refrigeration, and chillers to decrease energy usage at the retail sites.

NOx paints

We also use paint that reduces nitrogen oxide and helps maintain good air quality onsite.

Oil and water separators

Any runoff from the wash bay or forecourt is collected by an oil and water separator, which is cleaned daily. There is a separate area for hazardous materials, which are picked up separately by licensed haulers. And petroleum products coming from the site are well-contained and properly handled as they leave the stations.

Advanced inventory protection and monitoring

Shell’s fuel tanks are double-walled to provide stronger protection against leaks. And retail stations employ a wet stock management system, and conduct real-time statistical inventory, to ensure that possible loss-of-containment is immediately detected. Regardless of whether the site is company-or-dealer-owned, national standards on health, safety, security, and the environment are followed.

Shell Mango Station in Cebu is a shining example of how the push for sustainability can be embraced completely.

A self-irrigating plant wall is a breath of fresh air, and a way to cut down on the station’s carbon footprint. A rain-water collector nourishes other plants in the area. Knoxout paint on the station’s exterior converts air pollutants into even more breathable air. Solar panels help cut down on energy. And LED lighting and inverter technology increase the station’s energy efficiency.

With more sites like these, we can be of significant benefit to the community, and the world.

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