Why start your own Shell Dealership?

Shell Pecten Station


Over 105 years of success in the Philippines, available in 106 countries worldwide and with over 1000 stations in the country.

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Operating more than just a gasoline station – you will have access to Shell’s integrated mobility offers such as the branded service bays, Select convenience stores and more.

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Helping in ensuring feasibility of location, building the station and training your work staff.

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Providing business advisers plus advertising and marketing programs to help you manage your station.

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Always ready to adapt and innovate the business for your customers’ changing needs and adversities.

Your Retail Mobility Opportunities with Shell

Company Owned Dealer Operated

An infographic explaining Company Owned Dealer Operated procedure

Company Owned Dealer Operated (CODO)

Station is built and equipped by the company (Shell). Dealer’s role is to operate the station and order products from Shell. However, awarding of the station to the Dealer/Operator will be dependent on Shell’s decision & availability of a station.

  • Able to invest average Php 5-8 Million initial capital for a station.
  • No Franchise Fees.
  • ROI: 15-20% per year

Below are steps required:

  1. Submit application requirement
  2. Take exam and interview
  3. Get retailer pool accreditation
  4. Go through Retailer Selection Process
  5. Sign Contract
  6. Turnover station

Dealer Owned Dealer Operated

An infographic explaining Dealer Owned Dealer Operated procedure

Dealer Owned Dealer Operated (DODO)

Station is built, equipped, and operated by the Dealer. Shell will be the source of supply for products sold, branding, and provide support & training to the Dealer from construction until operations of the station. Awarding of the station and construction may start once an area/lot has been decided by the Dealer and Shell.

  • Possibly owns a commercial lot sized at least 600-1000sqm with 35-60m frontage.
  • Able to invest average Php 10-12 Million initial capital for a station.
  • No Franchise Fees.
  • ROI: 15-20% per year

Below are steps required:

  1. Submit application requirement
  2. Undergo Lot Location feasibility study(if applicable)
  3. Go through 2 interview
  4. Get DO Dealer Accreditation
  5. Sign contract
  6. Consturct station

Leasing Your Lot to Shell

An infographic explaining Lease a lot procedure

You own a commercial lot with minimum 600-1000 sqm size along a national highway or secondary or transient road and wish to only LEASE the lot and not operate a Shell station. Once lot details have been provided, Shell will conduct a lot feasibility study and contact you for any succeeding ocular and negotiation.

Below are steps required:

  1. Submit lot documents requiements
  2. Lot & location feasibility study
  3. Ocular & negotiation
  4. Sign contract for lease

Other Programs and Qualifications

Qualify for a Shell Dealership

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  • Must not be more than 55 years of age
  • Filipino National with an established residence in the Philippines
  • May have a family Business or own business/ or has experience in managing a business / managing several staff
  • Not an ex-employee or ex-retailer from the oil industry for at least 2 years
  • Legal entity should be a Sole Proprietor, if Corporation, managing partner (nominated principal) should own at least 50.1% of shares
  • Passionate About Customers & Engaged to manage a Retail business
  • Ability to motivate his or her people towards agreed business targets
  • Willingness to devote time to oversee day-to-day operations of the business

Leasing Your Lot to Shell


Lot size requirement:

  • Approximate Lot Area size 600-1000 sqm.
  • Frontage of Lot 35-60 meters

Documents needed:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Lot Complete Address
  • Lot Title
  • Lot Plan Layout
  • Location/Vicinity Map (Google Maps link)
  • Copy of Recent Real Property Tax
  • Lot Size & Frontage Size

Email soft copy of documents to newbusiness-ph@shell.com

Shell will then do a lot location feasibility study and contact you for a lot ocular and negotiations.

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