Photo of Gerry Concepcion
Gerry Concepcion

Growing as a Businessman

The company has continuously provided stable and profitable investment opportunities for both experienced and budding entrepreneurs, forging alliances that have proven to only grow stronger through the years.

One such partner is Shell’s retailer Gerry Concepcion. He is a second-generation Shell Dealer in Calapan, Mindoro who believes that through hard work, it is possible to be successful in any chosen endeavor.

During the late 60s, his family was the sole Shell chemical distributor in Calapan, Mindoro. In 1967, when Shell became the primary distributor of the depot at the time, they were offered the dealership.

“My dad used to work with Shell as a distributor, that’s when he became acquainted with Shell executives which eventually opened an opportunity to become a retailer,” Concepcion recalls.

Being a second-generation dealer of Shell, Concepcion also dreams of passing the legacy to his children to become the third-generation retailers. Although Shell has been providing continuous training for their new retailers, Concepcion hopes to also create succession planning programs to enable the future generations’ interest in running a dealership.

“Shell has already established a good relationship with their retailers,” Concepcion said. “Although, admittedly, there are also options from competitors, the reason I stay with Shell is that people in the company are very interesting to talk to, and at the end of the day, you will definitely learn from them,” he added.

Concepcion also shared that Shell would make you more professional as a businessman, “hindi yung basta-basta businessman.” A lot of entrepreneurs are self-made and don’t have formal training. But once you join Shell as a dealer, you will be taught how to abide by the Shell standards which will even make your dealership profitable.

Image of Tino Gonzales
Tino Gonzales

Passion to Innovate

Another partner is Tino Gonzales, who has been with Shell for over 32 years now. Back then, he was just looking for a business to invest in. Little did he know that he would soon be embarking on a long dealership journey with the global energy leader.

“In 1988, Shell published an ad looking for interested retailers. I didn’t think twice and submitted a letter of intent and, luckily, I was able to pass the screening and was granted the Palaparan site,” Gonzales said.

Although he was into the construction industry at that time, he didn’t have a hard time dealing with clients and handling the business since he already had experience in servicing people. “The only challenge in running the service station at that time was how to deal with the competition,” adds Gonzales.

He also believes that Shell’s core value where in dealers are considered more than just business partners but are part of the Shell family is the main reason why their partnership has lasted years. He also noted how the business has also allowed him to innovate and create an edge over the competition. “Hindi sapat na marami kang pera to run the business. Kung wala kang passion, wala rin mangyayari,” Gonzales said.

Indeed, the company’s heritage and expertise have propelled them towards becoming the preferred brand in the South Luzon region. Shell is looking to further expand and serve the South Luzon market with their next generation of retailers.

For dealership inquiries please visit or contact:

(02) 8878-8888 (Metro Manila)
1800-10000-1111 (PLDT Toll-Free)
1800-5888-1111 (BayanTel Toll-Free)


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