As they continue their global tradition of forging mutually beneficial partnerships that last, Shell has provided stable and profitable investment opportunities for both experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups that have grown stronger through the years.

With over 1,000 retail sites and still growing, Shell boasts of having one of the biggest and most profitable retail networks in the country.

Image of Nelson Yu
Nelson Yu

Shell’s Commitment

One of Shell’s retail partners is second-generation dealer Nelson Lim Yu, who, over the past 60years, has grown their family business starting from one Shell retail station on Osmeña Boulevard to other stations on Cebu City’s main street.

“The business started in 1967 when my father was appointed a liquefied petroleum gas dealership under Shell and then three years after, he was assigned to operate the Shell station on Osmeña Boulevard,” Yu said.

In 1990, he took over the family business and later was assigned to manage the V. Rama station. Today, they already have a total of five company-owned and two dealer-owned stations.

“We are very thankful to Shell, through the dealership, our father was able to send us to college,” Yu recalls. “Our dealership with Shell was our family’s bread and butter,” he added.

Throughout his three decades of partnership with Pilipinas Shell, Yu has had nothing but good things to say about the company. In fact, he attributes the continuous growth of their retail business to the company’s commitment to their retailers despite the high competition in the world market.

“All I want to say is that I’m thankful to Shell for giving this opportunity not just to our family but also to our gasoline boys and cashiers---our forecourt champions,” Yu stresses. “We have one who started working with us since 1979, and she was able to provide for her own family, too.”

Photo of Marlon Lao family
Marlon Lao

Growing with Shell

Marlon Lao, on the other hand, started his dealership journey when he became the sole proprietor of their Kalibo Aklan, station branch. The first station their family managed was in 1960, a dealer-owned station and under Marianing & Sons Development Corporation, their family corporation.

It was in 2005 when the day-to-day management of the renovated station was transferred to the young Lao until he opened a new site in Roxas City in 2012.

“Coming from a traditional Chinese family, we are trained to manage business at a very young age. So, I grew up with the business,” Lao stresses. “When you say, ‘the Shell branch in Aklan,’ it refers to our station, our family business,” he added.

For 50 years since the start of the Shell partnership, Lao has been hands-on in building up his two clusters of sites on Roxas Avenue in Capiz and Osmeña Kalibo Aklan.

“I really appreciate that my parents decided to start the Shell dealership. This business opened opportunities not only to our family but to our employees as well,” Lao declares. “It’s also advantageous that the Pilipinas Shell management has been very professional and supportive.”

Indeed, Pilipinas Shell’s continued commitment to making the future of the Visayas region manifests not only in their initiatives to expand retail partnerships there but also in their efforts to promote more investments in the energy sector and boost the potential economic hub to serve generations of customers in the region.

For dealership inquiries please visit or contact:

(02) 8878-8888 (Metro Manila)
1800-10000-1111 (PLDT Toll-Free)
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