Shell Go+

Every journey has a plus with Shell Go+

Make your journeys on and off the road more rewarding with the new Shell Go+ app.

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List of Participating Stations

  • Earn points

    Easily earn points on Shell fuels, Shell lubricants, or Shell SELECT snacks.

  • Get personalized offers

    Get personalized offers that are relevant to your journeys.

  • Perks and rewards

    Get access to exclusive perks and rewards from Shell and our partners.

  • Redeem points

    Redeem your points for Shell fuels, lubricants, snacks, merchandise, and partner products.

  • Secure

    Enjoy secure, contactless, and convenient transactions.

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Learn more about all the features and the latest updates on the Shell Go+ app today.

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More about Shell Go+

Shell Go+ Members – Free Roadside Assistance

Free Roadside assistance, now available for Shell Go+ Private and Grab members.

Go+ Points to PAL Mabuhay Miles

Fuel your next flight with Shell by converting your Go+ points to PAL Mabuhay Miles!

Shell Citi Visa

From today, Filipino drivers will have the chance to make their household budgets go further by using the new Shell Citi VISA card to accumulate the highest rebates for future fuel purchases every time they use the card.

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