Years ago, it was possible to put the same oil in bikes and cars. Since then, car and bike engines have followed different design objectives. This means that nowadays, some 600cc Japanese road bikes produce twice the bhp per litre of a sports car by using engines with running speeds approaching 15,000 rpm.

A sporty 105bhp 1.4-litre car with a 3.2-litre sump has an engine oil stress factor of approximately 23. A sporty 0.6-litre 123bhp bike with a 2.7-litre sump, on the other hand, has an engine oil stress factor of around 76 – nearly three times that of the car.

Most 4-stroke bike engines contain less oil than car engines, and that oil not only has to perform in the engine, but also has to survive the high stresses of the gearbox and allow smooth clutch operation. Bike oils have to work much harder in comparison with car oil, and this is exactly why we have developed the Shell Advance range. They are dedicated bike oils with excellent performance characteristics that are achieved by carefully blending quality base oils and applying Shell’s formulation know-how.

By selecting Shell Advance oil, you will know that you are providing Shell’s maximum protection and helping your bike to cope with these high stress levels. When you turn the throttle, you can relax with the knowledge that you will get the most out of your bike for longer.

Use Shell LubeMatch to find the right oil to help clean and protect your engine

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