Shell Helix Power


Shell Helix Power is expertly engineered to help cars maintain ultimate engine power and performance.

Filipino motorists go through tough roads and heavy traffic every day. Their vehicles are exposed to a lot of hazards that can make it challenging to get where they need to be.

That’s why Shell Helix Power is formulated to help them withstand and power through these daily challenges. It helps engines achieve maximum power and performance. It is suitable for a wide range of modern gasoline and diesel passenger cars.

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Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Motor Oils

Shell Helix fully synthetic oils are manufactured from 100% synthetic base stock and high quality additives to achieve higher performance levels than both synthetic technology and mineral oils.

Shell Helix Semi Synthetic Motor Oils

Shell Helix semi-synthetic or ‘synthetic technology’ oils make use of both synthetic and mineral base stocks to achieve higher performance levels than can be formulated from mineral oils alone.

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