The Philippines continues to move into the future. But as the country’s economy grows, so does the volume of motorists that travel every day. This results in vehicles spending more hours idling in traffic, being exposed to tough riding conditions and changing climate.

Shell Helix is aware of these different challenging situations and what those situations require from vehicles. That’s why Shell Helix made it a mission to innovate and provide solutions, helping motorists address their varying needs in today’s fast-paced society.

Introducing the new line of Shell Helix Engine Oils – Shell Helix Protect 0W-30 Fully Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oil, and Shell Helix Power 0W-40 Fully Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oil. Designed to bring complete engine protection, each product is expertly engineered to give motorists specific benefits, keeping their vehicles running at top performance.

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Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Motor Oils

Shell Helix fully synthetic oils are manufactured from 100% synthetic base stock and high quality additives to achieve higher performance levels than both synthetic technology and mineral oils.

Shell Helix Semi Synthetic Motor Oils

Shell Helix semi-synthetic or ‘synthetic technology’ oils make use of both synthetic and mineral base stocks to achieve higher performance levels than can be formulated from mineral oils alone.

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