Your Real Destination is about getting closer to home or building up your business by working hard every single day. We understand the tough journey ahead, so we formulated Shell Rimula to help protect against engine wear to keep you moving towards your dream. Our premium oils perform in different driving conditions because we recognise that less downtime on the road can mean more time for loved ones at home. We know it’s going to be a long journey and want to help you get there. Shell Rimula, the engine oil that works as hard as you.

Meet the inspirational truckers who drive every day towards their real destination – delivering long-term success for their families and businesses. We share their unique stories as they drive through all weathers and terrains, relying on Shell Rimula to help keep them on the road towards their deeply personal goals. It's the first in our series, so watch this space for more heart-warming stories about local hard-working truckers.

Life hasn’t been a bed of roses for Sun Guangyong – ‘Mr Sun’ to his friends – the poet truck driver from Tianjin. It took eight years of hard graft to buy his own truck and become his own boss. Dependant on his truck as his business, he treats it right with the very best motor oils he can buy.

With one son at university and a daughter soon to follow, Mr Sun can’t afford to be off the road for moment longer than necessary. It doesn’t matter that he often feels homesick. He knows his duty. He knows his destination.

Forced to leave his children in the care of close family so he could earn the money to support them, Ilya Kropantsev left his home town and went to Moscow where he could find work. He loves trucking, playing music and writing songs.  Ilya loves his children and he’s prepared to give up anything and everything for them... family life, his home, friends, even his most prized possession – his beloved guitar. Nothing matters more than helping them fulfil their dreams. So we did a little something to give Ilya and his long distance family a bit of quality time.

This film shows the crew behind the camera lens. It was their job to capture the reality of the lives of the unsung heroes of the road and tell those touching stories to the world.  ‘It was a real eye-opener’, said one of the crew. They witnessed first-hand the common element that binds truckers together: hard work. Getting from A to B is their job.

It’s what they drive for. But what keeps them working so hard is their real destination. ‘That’s what makes this campaign so human.’  And what stories they’ll have to tell when they get home. All because they wanted to make a film about an engine oil that that works as hard as you.

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