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It’s no wonder different types of drivers attest to the benefits of Shell Fuels.

Maine Mendoza chooses Shell FuelSave, especially with her busy schedule that requires her to keep moving all around the metro. She wants to travel smart, so she goes for fuel that yields savings and makes her every trip sulit.

Shell FuelSave Gasoline contains a new friction modifier which helps to reduce wasted energy. Meanwhile, Shell FuelSave Diesel fuel contains new cleaning agents which help to keep engines cleaner than before.

Only Shell V-Power works for Drew Arellano, who loves long power drives. Whether he’s revving up his beloved bike together with the Brap Pack, or cruising around with his family on their SUV, he looks for unparalleled performance on the road.

Shell V-Power has boosted DYNAFLEX Technology with 3x more cleaning molecules to remove deposits. It not only improves engine condition, it also helps to maximize energy from the fuel to deliver Shell’s best performance and efficiency.

Nico Bolzico enjoys worry-free, spontaneous adventures around the city or when he goes to business trips out of town. He only fills up his trusty truck with Shell V-Power Diesel to ensure smooth-sailing travels.

Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to help clean away existing fuel system deposits, which restores up to 100% of the engine’s performance and helps make every car running like brand new.

Shell Fuels are designed to work under a wide range of driving conditions, and this is why Maine, Drew, and Nico choose only the fuels that’s fit for their drive.