• Competitive deals

    Competitive deals

    We offer competitive power prices ranging between PHP3.7/kWh – PHP 6.00/kWh (average indicative price range of for the period of January to June 2021) depending on several factors such as load profile and consumption. Our offer also includes flexibility of pricing structure and terms.

  • Energy management

    Energy management

    Our energy trading services and helping you manage your risk is a core advantage while working with us. We can also support you with contestability and market registrations.

  • Value added services

    Value added services

    Build your capabilities through trainings on energy related, risk management, and timely industry insights we provide. We also extend support in helping you develop energy efficiency projects.


Retail Products

Pilipinas Shell’s Retail prides itself in supplying Filipino motorists with quality products and excellent customer service over the years.

Business customers

We supply advanced transport, heating and industrial fuels to corporate and distributing companies in many industries worldwide.

Industrial Lubricants & Commercial Oils

Find out about the expert advice, support and case studies we provide through our lubricant-related services that are helping companies like yours every day.