The unexpected eruption of the Taal Volcano left thousands of our kababayans defenseless and displaced.

Despite the abrupt crisis, we quickly rallied behind one another. Together, we made ways and set-up Shelter sites to serve as relief centers and donation hubs to help out our fellow countrymen with their immediate needs.

Through your support, we were able to progress relief operations that benefitted and helped over 1,600 families heavily affected by the crisis. With this, we would like to sincerely thank the generosity of everyone who donated.

The efforts made were able to gather almost 2000 bags of relief goods and monetary donations made through the PSFI account amounted to Php141,440.

Your donations were significant contributions—powering the series of relief operations conducted by our social arms Malampaya Foundation Inc. (MFI) and Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI), our Shell Retailers, and Shell employees across Batangas.

We closed our end from accepting relief donations but you can still help via cash donations (on PSFI’s bank account) as we move our support from relief efforts to focus on rehabilitation. See details below on how you can still help.

Information updated as of March 2, 2020 9 AM

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