The Golden Voyage

50 Years Of Powering Students' Artistry

Every person needs to travel through life to search for their purpose. Without that purpose, life is going to be an endless abyss.

Shell National Students Art Competition will provide the young Filipino artist of today that purpose by going with them in their voyage.

For 50 years Pilipinas Shell has embarked on the maiden voyage of the likes of Juvenal Sanso (1951), Jose Joya (1952), Federico Aguilar Alcuaz (1954), Ang Kiukok (1955), Angelito Antonio (1958), Norma Belleza (1961), Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera (1962), Danilo Dalena (1964), Mario Parial (1966), Luis “Junyee” Yee, Jr. (1967), Nestor Olarte Vinluan (1971), Ronald Ventura (1990), Ivan Roxas (1997), Rodel Tapaya (2001) and Leeroy New (2004). This year Shell would like to go along with you.

Explore the new world through your eyes. Feel the magnificence of art through your soul. Capture how people pull through tragedies and stand victorious. Depict how a woman finds the courage to stand up for her rights. Show how a child sees a giraffe for the first time. Encapsulate a special moment in somebody’s life that makes their voyage meaningful.

Join the 50th Shell National Students Art Competition and show the country your magnificent journey.

Please click the below links to download the Entry Fact Sheet and Application Form.

Entry Fact Sheet

Application Form

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