Known as “King” by his family and friends, firstborn among five siblings, he was raised in San Isidro, Curva, Batangas City. A simple boy who wanted nothing but a good life for his family tried his hardest and grabbed each opportunity that came.

With his mantra, “Just keep going,” King mustered all his courage and took the Sanayan sa Kakayahang Industriyal (SKIL) exam conducted by Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) in 2011. He passed the exam and the interview and was able to participate in the Leadership Enhancement and Attitude Development Workshop.

Later on, King became a welding trainee at Keppel. According to him, the training was never easy, but he treated the difficulties as his motivation to keep going. He also accepted other tasks given him as he considered it a gain on his end: “Hindi naman ako nakapagtapos ng kolehiyo kaya hindi ako namimili ng trabaho. Ang drive ko ay para sa pamilya ko, para sa aking sarili, at para sa aking future. (I wasn’t able to finish college so I’m not complaining when it comes to work. My drive is for my family, myself, and my future.)”

Armed with his motivation, King applied for a job in one of the contractors of the Shell Refinery during a shutdown in 2012. Equipped with the knowledge he gathered and skills he learned from SKIL and his apprenticeship at Keppel, he accepted the task given him even though it was not focused on welding. He was trained to be a mechanical fitter and that was how he started.

Every project completion, King would keep himself busy by looking for other job opportunities or trainings to add up to his knowledge. Since then, King has been involved in various projects within Batangas.

King Harold
King Harold, a proud SKIL scholar

Life lessons of King

For over six years of working for various industries and projects, in different seasons, with different people, King managed to gain many experiences and lessons in life, that according to him, served as his pillar and guide in order to survive in the world of skilled workers. Of all the lessons he gained, he believes that respect is always the key forward. He believes it should be given to anyone regardless of their designation and that anything and anyone treated with it will also value its essence. With this attitude, King is convinced that everything will fall into place.

King also knows the significance of intervention when it comes to safety. According to him, intervention is not only a principle to live by during ground works, but it should also be applied outside the refinery area.

King believes in right timing. When asked if he wants to be in a higher position in the future, he said, “Sa tamang panahon. (At the right time.)” He knows that everything we pray for might not happen, but the right time will come for each of us. At the moment, he is certain that God is preparing him for the bigger battle ahead of him, with his family as his primary motivation.

Reminiscing the time when he was still a scholar, King described it as an uneasy road. However, King never stopped dreaming and aiming high. He is sure that with hard work and perseverance, he will be able to achieve anything.

Soon, he plans to apply overseas to provide a better life for his family and for himself. When asked how he sees himself 10 years from now, King said he would be working abroad, would acquire a decent car, and live in a humble home with his own family.

When it comes to his future children, King’s top priority is to give them a good education: “Hindi ako nabigyan ng pagkakataong makapagtapos ng pag-aaral kaya ‘yun ang ibibigay ko sa aking anak (I wasn’t given the opportunity to finish school, so that’s what I will give my child.)” He is certain that good education is the key to self-improvement and a great legacy he could ever leave his children.

King knows he still has a very long way to go, but he is determined to reach the finish line. To every person of his age, who has this kind of beginning and wants to succeed someday, here is King’s advice: “I-grab n’yo lang ang mga opportunity na dumadaan sa inyo at huwag maging mapili sa trabaho dahil marami tayong matututunan dito. (Grab every opportunity that comes your way and don’t be choosy with work because you will learn a lot from whatever work you do.) Every opportunity is always a blessing.”

Currently, King works as a mechanical fitter in JPhil, a contractor of Shell Tabangao Refinery. He lives at San Isidro, Curva with his siblings, mother, and father, who is also a mechanical fitter in the same company. He plans to pursue his application to work overseas after this project with JPhil and continue working on his craft.

By Charelaiane Credito

Article published on PSFI news magazine October 2017 issue

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