When Fons Cepeda started his career with Shell a little over two years ago, he quickly realised how important a collaborative work environment is in fostering productivity. Currently one of the Retail Territory Managers for Shell Philippines, Fons recognises the need in having transparency and openness in the workplace.

“I am the kind of person who wants to receive feedback whether it is positive or negative,” says Fons. Acknowledging how his bosses are not only are big on fostering open communication, he also mentions how they do not shy away from getting their hands dirty alongside their employees.

“What is unique to me in a corporation as big as Shell is how easy it is for everyone to connect and interact with each other about our workplace experiences. No matter what your job scope is in the company, the organisation holds high regard to your opinion and development, and recognises your ability to learn and grow,” quips Fons.

On top of managing sales performances, his role requires him to organise marketing and operational initiatives - that means further having to work alongside with a variety of people and personalities.

“As I am on the front lines of Shell’s retail, we rely heavily on our communication with support teams. I am able to communicate with others regardless of their (hierarchical) position as I feel that the culture in Shell is geared towards helping and learning from each another,” added Fons.

Ultimately, he believes that such forms of collaborative learning can further your career goals, saying: “initiatives from the human resource and retail departments, such as building activities and recognition ceremonies will allow us to build lasting relationships with each other.”

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