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Our competence-based learning programmes will help you to upskill and reskill, to maintain your expertise in the various finance processes.

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Collaborate with experienced colleagues

Work with professionals and leaders across various fields. We invite people to think differently and learn from the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and ideas at Shell.

Shell Finance Operations consists of the following teams:

Data Operations

Any business process is only as good as the data that drives it.

Data Operations at Shell offers a challenging environment for innovative individuals who are looking to develop their analytical skills while solving various data problems.

The Data team focuses on enabling effective business decisions, minimising the cost of inaccurate data and protecting Shell’s license to operate. The team performs master data management and data quality assurance with a mindset to continuously improve our processes.

A career in Data at Shell is an excellent opportunity to learn industry’s best practices in data management. Our data professionals receive world-class data training and certification, linked to external accreditations.

The team consistently delivers data expertise and solutions to our different businesses and processes across the globe.

The Customer Team

The Customer team supports Customer Operations to deliver the best customer experience in the market at an affordable cost. The team collaborates closely with Customer Operations by providing data insights and expertise to make its process more effective and efficient. The team monitors master data quality and provides insights on value leakage caused by poor quality data. The team also executes data improvement projects and uses smart automation for repetitive tasks. Working in this team offers a unique opportunity to understand and collaborate with the different customer journey teams.

Facilities and Equipment (F&E) 

F&E engineers support our refineries, chemical sites and distribution terminals globally. The team maintains data quality standards, drives improvement projects and adds technical value to data in order to allow business partners to make effective decisions for a safe and reliable maintenance execution. F&E engineers also manage connected application databases for conducting plant inspections, instrumentation works and asset management.

Hydrocarbon Management

Hydrocarbon Management team supports the company’s chemical business, including the trading and supply of crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other products. The team enables massive product movements and counterparty trades through management of customer, vendor, plant and storage location data. To allow smooth transactions and lower costs, the team delivers top quartile data quality while driving continuous improvements through elimination, simplification, standardization and automation of processes.

The Product Team

The product team enables an effective and efficient product life cycle and supply chain management. Accurate and timely product master data ensures on-time introduction and withdrawal of products to and from the market, optimises planning and inventory management and enables timely delivery of products to customers. The team manages seven ERP systems, nine connected applications and operates 14 different SOX controls.

Retail and property

Data professionals in Retail and Property Team maintain the data of Shell Downstream Retail business worldwide including the company’s fuel stations, Select shops and non-fuel products sold in these shops. The team also manages data of both retail and corporate real estate, along with related lease contracts.

Accurate contract, product, pricing and retail site data enable seamless business operations such as timely payment and collection of invoices, competitive product pricing strategy, marketing programs and digitalization of customer value propositions (Shell Motorist app, available in Android and iOS).

Contracting and procurement

Data professionals in CP Data work hand-in-hand with Contracting and Procurement to manage and improve the materials, services, vendor, contracts master reference data and spares management that are vital to business processes. CP Data provides data expertise to continuously improve the data maintenance processes to reduce cost and add values.

Hydrocarbon Management

The Hydrocarbon Management (HM) offers an exciting and challenging opportunity for a finance professional to be at the forefront of inventory accounting for a company that globally reports billions of dollars of inventory in our financial statements.

We are looking for individuals who want to develop their financial accounting skills, work with a wide range of businesses and finance stakeholders and be heavily involved in various internal and external audit discussions. Joining the HM team offers opportunities to play a key role in major change initiatives within the Shell group.

HM covers the areas of Manage Hydrocarbon Inventory, Trading Settlements, and Market Risk. The team has over a thousand people across four Finance Operations Centers globally with Manila team being the largest.

HM Manila is primarily accountable for the inventory of the North America region (US and Canada) and supports various Shell Downstream businesses. We manage the recording of stock movements across nine refineries in over 1000 supply locations and billing and settlement associated with hydrocarbon purchases and sales. We also account for crude intake and production volumes of our refinery.

Finance professionals in HM are immersed in accounting for various inventory-related transactions in our financial statements. We are responsible in recording sales revenues, purchases, and cost of goods sold in our Profit and Loss Statement, and valuation of our ending inventory, and hydrocarbon payable and receivable balances in our Balance Sheet.

Reporting and Analysis (R&A)

Reporting and Analysis (R&A) Manila supports the North America Downstream entities, which accounts for approximately 60% of the whole Shell Downstream business. The R&A team is responsible for five key finance processes: financial close, fixed assets accounting, general accounting and, external & internal reporting.

We are involved in accounting policy advisory and application thereby providing a lot of exposure on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The team is responsible and for the preparation, analysis, review and sign-off of the financial results reported externally and within Shell, including controllership, making it fully accountable for the overall results.

R&A provides a very exciting and challenging career in finance by providing staff with robust finance experience while honing analytical and communication skills through collaboration across processes and teams in a global setting.

Finance professionals in R&A develop business acumen through interaction with other finance and non-finance teams in various businesses while strengthening accounting and reporting competencies.

Group Services and Recoveries

The Group Services and Recoveries (GSR) team in Manila manages the recovery of costs of services provided by Global Functions such as HR and IT from all Shell companies in the Shell Group and joint ventures.

The team ensures that all entities are charged for services that they require, enabling tax deductibility and payment by partners for their share of the costs. Additionally, the team in Manila manages the cross company charges for the Downstream business, intra-group lubricants, aviation and marine transactions.

Roles in GSR offer hands-on experience on project setup, billing, payables and balance sheet management. You will Gain a wide exposure to stakeholders around the many countries where Shell has a presence. More experienced staff manage joint venture engagements and partner with business controllers to support entities in making payments when there are legal and fiscal restrictions.

GSR has a deeply embedded learning and development framework with a capability building plan for you to acquire the skills and experiences for your own growth as a finance professional.


Expenditure supports three distinct but equally important finance functions: Payroll Accounting, Travel and Entertainment Expense and Accounts Payable for third party vendors and suppliers. Each of these functions are linked to major end-to-end processes that are designed to support Shell’s overall strategy. 

Payroll Accounting provides opportunities for collaboration with the global Human Resource Teams and Finance in the Business. Travel and Entertainment Expense process manages Shell’s corporate card and cash reimbursement for its 90,000 employees. Accounts Payable manages works closely with Contracts and Procurement professionals and other finance professionals in different businesses across the globe.

A career in Expenditure offers highly motivated individuals immersion to best-in-class finance systems and processes. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to work with and learn from Shell’s global community across the company’s various classes of business.

Expenditure team strives to deliver efficient processes, enable effective business decisions, and protect Shell’s assets and license to operate. Our team of finance professionals thrives on delivering process expertise and solutions with a mindset of continuous improvement.

Credit Risk Management

Credit Management team in Manila, in close collaboration with the business, performs the assessment of the credit-worthiness of counterparties while balancing risk versus return, negotiates solutions for risk mitigation when needed, and performs receivables management and cash activities to support several Shell businesses. 

Our team also perform Joint Venture Accounting where we coordinate and perform the period-end processes and receivables management for Joint Ventures located in the Americas and other locations.

We offer roles where you will get to interact and engage with Shell business stakeholders and external counterparties across the globe. These roles provide opportunities to develop core finance competencies, contribute to the commercial deal making process, and participate in Shell’s digital transformation.

In Credit Risk Management and Joint Venture Accounting, you will get the opportunity to make an impact, partnering with the business to deliver better and more competitive business outcomes, and at the same time, develop marketable finance professional skills.

Billing Operations

The billing process at Shell offers an exciting opportunity for a finance professional to be part of cash collection engine of the Shell Group.

We are looking for professionals who are creative, curious about our business, and passionate to deliver innovative solutions to ensure that we effectively manage cash collection.

The Manila team manages end-to-end billing and collection process for the businesses that we support, reconciliation of cards transactions and hydrocarbon management for our retail sites across the globe.

As part of our team, you will closely work and engage with various businesses and finance stakeholders across the globe. Roles in our team provide opportunities to develop core finance competencies, application of wide-range of continuous improvement tools, and exposure to Shell Downstream businesses in different parts of the globe.

In billing Operations, you will have the opportunity to make an impact by enabling efficient and effective cash collection through driving operational excellence, and at the same time cultivating your skills in digital technologies.

Tax Operations

Be part of a leading tax organisation in the industry.

Tax Operations delivers indirect tax compliance activities for North America and the Philippines. We work seamlessly with other parts of the organisation to support the creation of tax reports and to create absolute transparency and auditability. With accurate and timely payment of taxes, we provide government revenues to support economic growth and enhance social development.

We offer challenging opportunities ranging from tax reporting, tax administration to audit defense, using industry-best technologies. Underpinning everything we do, we invest in building our skills as tax professionals and respect our staff's work-life integration.

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