Terms & conditions


  1. Shell GO+ is a Loyalty Program owned and administered by Shell Pilipinas Corporation wherein members earn and redeem rewards points in accordance with the rules and provisions set out in this document
  2. Shell has the right to change the Terms and Conditions and the Rewards Program anytime. Shell will endeavor to inform the members of any changes that will be implemented. The member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable of any changes to the Program and the Terms and Conditions. The most current version of these Terms and Conditions will be available on the website www.shell.com.ph/gptac and will supersede all previous versions of these Program Rules. Shell can enforce any changes that may result to the decrease or total loss of the amount or value or expiration of points at any given time now or in future.
  3. Any inquiry, modification to details, or concerns in relation to the Program or the Card or the Terms and Conditions shall be coursed through the Shell Customer Service through hotline numbers +632 8789 3516 (Metro Manila), 1-800-10000-3333 (Provincial Toll-Free) or sent to generalpublicenquiries-ph@shell.com.


  1. Participating in Shell Go+ Loyalty Program is VOLUNTARY and FREE. Membership is open to individuals ages 18 and above; no groups, corporations, or other entities are allowed to participate as members
  2. Individuals may participate in the program by getting a card through Shell Corporate Partners provided by HR or company focal. Each applicant will be issued with the membership card linked to an account.
  3. To activate card, applicants will follow the SMS Registration mechanics indicated in the card kits provided together with the Shell GO+ card.

    To register, type SHELLGOPLUS REG <Go+Card#/FirstName/LastName/Birthday (DD-MM-YYYY)> Ex. SHELLGOPLUS REG 7828xxxxxxxxxxxx JOHN/S/CRUZ 8/13/1984 and SEND to 5677

  4. Applicants shall be required to provide their actual first and last names as well as birthday using valid and working mobile number as identifier to be able to create a membership account. Any changes to such information after successful registration shall be coursed through Shell Customer Service.
  5. By becoming a member, they allow Shell GO+ to send news and promotional offers through available Shell GO+ channels upon registration, in which they have the option to unsubscribe to.
  6. Shell GO+ reserves the right to terminate or cancel membership of individuals at its sole discretion for reasons including but not limited to:
    • The member committed breach of any of the Terms and Conditions
    • The member has misused or abused the benefits of the program
    • The member has performed fraudulent transactions

  7. The members may cancel their membership at any time by contacting Shell Customer Service. Any unused points shall be forfeited.
  8. Shell GO+ membership are owned and issued by Shell. It is not transferrable
    The Card is solely for the purpose of the Program. The member understands that the Card is not a credit card or charge card. The member shall hold Shell free and harmless for any unauthorized redemption of points brought about by failure of the member to immediately register the card.
  9. The membership in the program will automatically be renewed annually as long as the Account is active, or until Shell discontinues the Program.
  10. Points and all the privileges and benefits in this Program cannot be sold and cannot be transferred unless specified in the Terms and Conditions.
  11. Only Shell is authorized to transfer points if necessary.
  12. Shell has the right to suspend or remove the Program at any time without prior notice.
  13. Shell is not liable for:
    • Any unauthorized change or unauthorized use of the account
    • The inaccuracy of points on the account, resulting from failure of member to notify Shell of any discrepancies through the Shell Customer Service.
    • Any loss, stolen or deterioration of reward upon receiving the reward.
    • Delay in replacement of card.

Collecting of points

  1. There is an equivalent point in every purchase of Fuels, Convenience Retail Products (Select/Deli2Go) and Lubricants that the members can purchase in Shell participating stations. Every product has a different point equivalent which are subject to change at any time upon Shell’s sole discretion.
  2. Just present the card for every purchase of any Shell participating product or service to record the transaction and the corresponding points to the card. Note that all points awarding should be done online during the purchase transaction at site. No manual transactions are allowed for points earning.
  3. Members shall in minimum denominations of one (1) point based on the Liters or amount purchased of participating products or services. No partial points shall be issued.
  4. Shell will calculate and award points for cumulative transactions amounting to a maximum of PhP 10,000 each calendar day.
  5. Transactions made through PO accounts are excluded from the calculation of points.
  6. Shell reserves the right to monitor the Account for any fraudulent or suspicious activity; misrepresentations; failure to follow the Terms and Conditions; or inactivity for the past three (3) years. Shell shall have the right to close, suspend or freeze the subject Account immediately, prohibit earning of points, and/or forfeit any points not yet redeemed. Shell may avail or take any necessary legal action as a result of fraudulent or suspicious activity.
  7. If the member has any questions about his points, or he believes his account is subject of any suspicious activity, he should report this via Shell Customer Service.

Rewards redemption

  1. The “Rewards” are the products, services, benefits or privileges that the members can claim if they have already accumulated enough points.
  2. Points earned in the program can be used to redeem or pay for Fuels, Fuels, Convenience Retail Products (Select/Deli2Go) and Lubricants, following a specific redemption rate or peso value equivalent
  3. Points earned may also be used to redeem or pay for products and services in the Rewards Catalogue. To redeem the chosen item or items, members should fill out the Redemption Form and give it to the Host Shell Station together with the acknowledgement form or voucher and redemption slip signed by the authorized representative of the station. Chosen item or items cannot be changed or be replaced once approved.
  4. All the rewards are subject to availability and cannot be refunded. Shell has the right to adjust the points needed to redeem the rewards, and to change the rewards according to the equivalent points without the consent of the members.
  5. Shell has the right to refuse in getting any rewards or any returned item if Shell has a reason to doubt if there are any fraudulent transactions or any mistake in recording of the accumulated points.
  6. Members are encouraged to check the reward item upon receipt. Items that are broken or are defective must be surrendered to the Host Shell Station within 24 hours. If not, all fees (delivery charge) in returning the defective item to Shell or any corresponding redemption center must be shouldered by the member.
  7. If by any chance the reward item will be defective and needed to be repaired, all the reports and request should be addressed to the manufacturer based on the warranty of the product.
  8. Shell is not liable to:
    • Any item that is not available for any reason.
    • Failure to inform the member of the changes in the Terms and Conditions, and the changes in the products and services under the rewards program.
    • Suspension and exclusion of the Program.
  9. All the condition and warranty, written or not, included in the legislative or not, regarding the condition, quality, product usage or safety of any item or service supplied under the Program is not included in any way under the law.
  10. Any liability of Shell to its member under the legislative of its products and services that can be included are limited, wherein permission to supply or payment of fees of its products and services or repair of its products, in agreement of Shell.

Points deduction

  1. The corresponding points of the acquired reward item, under the Program will be deducted to the recorded points of the member’s Card and to the back-up host.
  2. Shell has the right to deduct any points recorded in the member for:
    • Points that are suspicious
    • Wrong recorded points
    • Wrong points recorded due to defective Card
  3. Any unused points of the members within thirty six (36) months after the month of the issuance of points, the earned points will expire and will be deducted on the current points of the member. Unused card within six (6) months will make the member inactive and can have a deduction of points in the available balance depending on the last transaction made.

Privacy policy

  1. By joining the program, the applicant or the member expressly agrees to the Privacy Policy available at www.shell.com.ph/privacypolicy and all its amendments thereto.
  2. Shell will process personal details provided for purposes verifying member account details and managing data necessary for analyzing performance and crafting strategic promotions, communications, and overall program/service improvement and development.

Termination of the program

  1. Shell has the right, at its sole discretion and for whatever reason, to terminate the Program at any time without need of any notice to the member.
  2. The member, for any cause and at any time may terminate his membership by contacting Shell Customer Service. The member agrees that any unredeemed points stored in the Card shall be forfeited.

Transaction disputes

  1. For transaction disputes, it is the member’s responsibility to keep transaction slips or records for verification by Shell.
  2. Disputes within thirty (30) days from date of transaction may be verified. The member must submit original or photocopied transaction slip and other supporting documents that Shell may require. Transaction disputes that are more than thirty (30) days from date of transaction will no longer be verified.

Other conditions

  1. Failure of Shell to enforce any Terms or Conditions does not constitute a waiver of that Terms or Conditions.
  2. Any claims or actions against Shell arising from the Program, Shell’s liability, whether for one or several causes of actions, shall not exceed the amount of Three Thousand Pesos Only (PhP3,000.00) or the actual damages suffered by the claimant, whichever is lower.
  3. Any claim or disputes relating to the Program or the use of the program shall be referred directly to Shell for decision, whose decision shall be final and binding on the member and Shell’s records of all matters relating to the Program shall be conclusive and binding on the Cardholder.
  4. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. In case of any action arising from the Program shall be filed before the proper courts in the City of Taguig, to the exclusion of all other venues.
  5. If any clause of the Terms and Conditions or any document referred herein is declared void, invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, the remaining clauses shall remain valid and enforceable.