Shell Pilipinas from 1914 to 2023


Pioneering Energy Excellence Since 1914

Shell's legacy in the Philippines began in 1914 as Asiatic Petroleum Company, Ltd., importing and selling motor gasoline and kerosene. The company evolved, with Rosa Naval becoming one of the first Shell gasoline station owners in 1929.

Leaders like George Hugh Winston Churchill shaped Shell's growth, leading to the transition to The Shell Company, Ltd., in 1930. The company's presence expanded further with the relocation of its Manila office to 1330 Dewey Boulevard in 1957.


Tabangao Refinery and Shell Select

In 1962, the Tabangao Refinery was inaugurated, followed by a pipeline installation in 1969. Cesar A. Buenaventura's appointment as PSPC's first Filipino Executive President in 1975 was significant. By 1976, Shell became the first multinational oil firm in the Philippines half-owned by Filipinos. The establishment of Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. in 1982 showcased Shell's commitment to social responsibility. In 1990, Formula Shell and Helix motor oil were introduced, and in 1993, Shell opened its first petroleum company convenience store in the Philippines, Shell Select.


Shell Velocity and Malampaya

In 1994, the first automated lube oil blending plant in Pandacan modernized operations. In 1999, Shell introduced Shell Velocity, the country's first differentiated fuel. Between 2000 and 2001, the opening of the Shell Helix Service Centre marked a pioneering move in branded lube bays. The inauguration of the Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project in 2001 marked a significant step in the country's natural gas industry. In 2004, Shell Business Operations Manila was established, enhancing efficiency. In 2005, Shell became the first in Asia to offer Shell Aviation's "Aerojet" fuel. In 2012, the Shell Tabangao Refinery celebrated its 50th year, reflecting Shell's contributions to the energy sector.


Shell's Strategic Milestones

In 2013, Shell marked a strategic development with the groundbreaking ceremony for the North Mindanao Import Facility (NMIF) in Cagayan de Oro. The completion of Malampaya Phase 2's Subsea Rejuvenation Project and the installation of new wells highlighted Shell's commitment to innovation. By 2014, Shell celebrated a century in the Philippines, showcasing a legacy of presence and contributions. In 2016, the inauguration of the North Mindanao Import Facility furthered Shell's infrastructure. The year 2020 witnessed the completion of the Subic Import Facility, alongside the launch of the ShellGo+ Loyalty Card and Shell Energy Philippines, underlining ongoing innovation and growth in the energy sector.


Innovations and Expansion in Recent Years

In recent years, Shell Pilipinas has innovated and expanded its services significantly. The inauguration of the Shell Import Facility in Tabangao (SHIFT) and the first "Site of the Future" Mobility Station in 2021 highlighted Shell's modernization efforts. The opening of the first Shell Recharge station powered by renewable energy in 2022 emphasized Shell's commitment to sustainability. The introduction of the best-ever Shell V-Power Fuel in 2023 marked a significant advancement, alongside Shell Pilipinas Corporation's name change and the expansion of Shell Café branches and stores showcasing.